The Travelling Stripe

One of Bally’s distinct signifiers, the Bally Stripe’s history is one that is steeped in travel. Reinvigorated for Autumn Winter 2018, rediscover the Stripe’s unique past.

Mother’s Day Around The World

Bally’s history is a global one – one of the first brands to launch stores in locations around the world throughout its 167 year history, the concept of travel is one that is dear to the brand’s very heart, especially when you consider Bally was born from a work trip from Shoenenwerd to Paris and back again in the 1850s. One such aspect of the brand’s rich heritage, however, is the ever-present Bally Stripe, which is undoubtedly one of Bally’s most recognisable icons.

Originally introduced as early as 1939 on a pair of ultra-fashionable pumps, the Bally Stripe has found its way across Bally’s designs for almost 80 years. Whether it’s a pair of children’s ski boots dated from 1958, or indeed the Bally Apres Ski boots that were made for the Swiss Olympic team who participated in the 1956 Winter Olympics in Italy, the Bally Stripe quickly became a design feature that not only became a part of Bally itself, but reflected the brand’s deep Swiss roots, mimicking the colours of Switzerland’s national flag.

Mother’s Day Around The World

The Bally Stripe’s unique nature was only further enforced at the turn of the Millennium in the year 2000, when it was redubbed the ‘Trainspotting Stripe’, a name that lives on nearly two decades later. The inspiration for this unique name came not only from the Swiss flag, but indeed the unique and efficient nature of Switzerland’s railway network, and it’s denizens – the speeding red and white trains that zoomed past the Bally Archive in Shoenenwerd, which continue to do so to this very day, became a reflection of Bally’s own experience as a Swiss brand, championing innovation and design since 1851. These travelling trains, often carrying people from many different parts of Europe, imbued a further sense of worldliness to the Bally Stripe, with the blur of the red and white on the trains being a reminder of Bally’s nature as a truly global brand.

Mother’s Day Around The World

Fast forward to 2018, and the Bally Stripe continues to be a mainstay in the Bally collection for both men and women, inspiring a new sense of travel as it sits amongst a host of Bally pieces that can be taken from London to Tokyo, and from New York to Saint Tropez. For Autumn Winter 2018, however, the Bally Stripe’s most prominent display is amongst the women’s Trunk range, a series of bags and accessories that are inspired by travel trunks. Harking to a bygone era of travel where the trunk was the only way to bring your belongings with you (and luggage restrictions were far less intimidating), most commonly seen alongside the Jet Set’s extravagant travel plans to visit far flung locations in Europe, the international personality of the Bally Stripe is one that continues this sense of travel as it inspires a new generation with its simplicity and a versatility that can go with you anywhere in the world.

This begs the question – be it along the French Riviera or in the streets of Shibuya in Tokyo, or simply on a high speed train through Switzerland, where will your Bally Stripe go next? The answer is far easier than you may think, though. It will simply go wherever you feel like going next.