Bernard Villemot

Portrait of Bernard Villemot

Bernard Villemot (1911-1989) was a French poster artist who managed to attain an undisputed level of recognition. During his most prolific years, not a magazine was printed that did not include one of his ads and one could not walk the streets of Paris without passing his posters.

Bernard Villemot Orangina Campaign

Bernard Villemot began his training in Paris along with Paul Colin, who went on to become a great master of the Art Deco poster art. During WWII, Villemot produced posters for the Red Cross and was also commissioned by Air France to illustrate campaigns.

In 1949, his work was exhibited along with Raymond Savignac’s at the Gallery des beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1953, Villemot designed logos and posters for Orangina. His inimitable style; simple and elegant quickly became a hit. Every brand wanted to collaborate with the French artist, whose art will forever be linked with the style of this period.

His collaboration with Bally started in 1967 and lasted 22 years, until the passing of the artist in 1989. His last work ‘Legs’, commissioned by Bally, was one of his most famous and led to him being posthumously rewarded the Martini Prize Gold Medal in 1969.

Bernard Villemot Bally Campaign

Each of his pieces became classics of poster art and are sought after by collectors worldwide.

Bernard Villemot Bally Campaign