Bally Artist 2019

Gabriela Maria Müller

Bally Artist 2019

The Bally Foundation was touched by the deep symbiosis between Gabriela Maria Müller and nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her. In her works, the vibration of her state of mind resulting from her immersion in nature, transmit a powerful evocation of the unstoppable nature of change.

Gabriela Maria Müller was born in Teufen, Switzerland, in 1963. While she attended the School of Applied Arts in St. Gallen, she is essentially self-taught. Thanks to subsequent training in ergotherapy between 1986 and 1989, she further expanded her knowledge of artistic and pedagogic techniques. She has exhibited in Paris and Venice in 2017, in Switzerland, at the Villa Pia Museum, Erich Lindenberg Art Foundation in Porza in 2016, and at the Vincenzo Vela Museum in Ligornetto in 2019. Her works have been acquired for public and private collections. Gabriela Maria Müller is the winner of the 2019 Bally Artist Award. She currently lives and works in Pura, Switzerland.

In her artistic practice, Gabriela Maria Müller uses painting, sculpture, object and textile art, installation and video in a versatile way. From her deep and delicate relationship with nature, which she developed in a rural family environment, the artist draws an inexhaustible source of inspiration that reverberates in each of her deeply poetic works. The close examination of the minute details of nature is the leitmotif of Müller’s work, created in meticulous and silent manual labor using seeds, leaves, dandelions, pollen and ground.
The artist’s inner journey, intimately linked to the sacredness of nature, is discernible in her artworks. They invite the viewer to reflect on the unstoppable nature of change and to ponder on the human limits when confronted with the immensity of creation.

"Coeurs sacrés"
Elm seeds, voile, iron and wood frame
260 x 260 cm
Museo Vincenzo Vela, Ligornetto, Switzerland
MASI Lugano, Switzerland
Photo matthias m

"Coeurs sacrés" is Gabriela Maria Müller’s winning entry for The Bally Artist Award's 2019 theme, "On the Nature of the World." The artwork consists of thousands of dried seeds gathered from a single elm tree arranged in a spiral onto a voile wrapped canvas framed with wood, then placed within a metal frame.

The spiral of delicate seeds represents infinity and perfection, the harmony and balance of natural elements and their vital cycles; the voile invites us to uncover the mysteries of nature; the square, the conceptual dimension of the threshold beyond which we rediscover, wonder, and, conversely experience the human limitations when confronted with the magnitude of totality.

"Coeurs sacrés" and a reasoned collection of works were the subject of the exhibition “Anima naturae” dedicated to her at the Museo d’Arte della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, with the support of The Bally Foundation.